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Specialising in earth works, with over 40 years experience. Our services include bulk muck shifting through to final trim of stone.

Projects we have worked on previously include:

  • East Kent access road
  • Birmingham airport runway extension
  • M1 juntion 10a improvements
  • London Gateway

We also do a lot of reinstating of quarries and bulk digging of gravels for them.

D&M Plant Hire Ltd

Dix Pitt, Linch Hill, Stanton Harcourt
Oxford, OX29 5BB

Office: 01865 883310
Mobile: 07831 851870
07788 951860


Office hours:
Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm

Case Study

M1 Junction 10a improvements

The previous M1 J10a was a large conventional roundabout which connected the M1 Spur to Airport Way and London Road, linking Luton to the wider motorway network. The junction experienced significant queues and delays, particularly at peak times.

The project involved the removal of the roundabout and widening of the M1 spur road to three lanes. This provided a continuous east-west carriageway with a speed limit of 50mph.

Two new roundabouts have also been built to allow road users to join and leave London Road and the M1 spur. London Road itself will be realigned to pass under the M1 spur, through a newly constructed underpass that also provides both pedestrian and cycle routes.

A key factor to the successful delivery of this scheme was managing an extensive earthworks programme, ensuring that the majority of the 153,000m3 of excavated materials, including topsoil, chalk and hard breakout was recycled or reused on the project.

All works were completed under extensive traffic management arrangements, keeping live traffic flowing in and out of Luton town centre and Luton Airport.